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Firefighters from the USA and Australia came to Ukraine to help rescuers in the war zone

On July 4, a delegation from the United States of America and Australia from the Project Joint Guardian organization arrived in Lutsk. Tomorrow they are going to the war zone to deliver the necessary rescue equipment and medical supplies for the firefighters of Ukraine.

With the assistance of the Volyn Regional Council, the Border Service and the "DOBRA SPRAVА" charitable foundation, the Project Joint Guardian delegation crossed the border unimpeded. As part of the visit in Lutsk, a meeting was held with the participation of the Chairman of the Volyn Regional Council Grigoriy Nedopad, the President of the charity fund "DOBRA SPRAVA" Andriy Linnyk and the director of the fund Yuriy Slyva.

Firefighters spoke about their first visit to Ukraine since the beginning of the war and their stay in hot spots.

“Our first mission was very successful, and we were able to help the firefighters in Ukraine on many levels and deliver all the necessary materials. Tomorrow we are going to the hot spots of Ukraine to deliver the necessary equipment and conduct training on rescue equipment and its proper use," - noted in the organization.

During the meeting, we agreed on further cooperation with Project Joint Guardian. "They gave us a fire truck so that we could do a good deed together and help the rescue services of Ukraine," the Fund's management says.

"Everything that is done on the front line is not possible without a reliable rear, so our region tries to create the most comfortable conditions for people who help abroad and promptly deliver everything necessary to the front line. One of these hubs is the “DOBRA SPRAVA” Charitable Foundation. I am always very pleased to come here, because a lot of good things are done here. Together, we are doing everything possible to win," said Grigoriy Nedopad the cheirman of the Volyn Regional Council.

Project Joint Guardian collects funds to help and deliver the necessary rescue equipment and medical supplies for the rescue service of Ukraine.

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