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Fund volunteer Roman Kurbatsky talks about trips to the war zone

"It's always dangerous to go there. Especially at night. There were situations when the machine guns reloaded on us. We were not captured, thank God. Sometimes a cluster bomb will fly into a certain settlement. We stand and pray. A cluster bomb is a very scary thing. She breaks through gas pipes, and there are people we know. I pray, and they cry," military chaplain, volunteer Roman Kurbatsky shares his impressions of trips to the war zone.

Roman Kurbatsky lives in Rivne. He started volunteering a few years before the war. Then the "Territory of Good" movement was started in the Rivne region. Worked with large families, disabled people, etc. Then they helped such families from Kovel. In total, 200 families were served. Also, they created a rehabilitation center where they help addicted people.

With the beginning of a full-scale war, the areas of work were expanded. A volunteer center for refugees was created in Rivne. About 50,000 of them are registered in the region. There are still 20,000 unregistered, he says. They created a center in the "Northern" microdistrict, where they receive people 2-3 times a week, help with food, hygiene and medicines, as well as with documents and settlement.

"We have a large international humanitarian hub. Similar to the "Dobra Sprava" hub. Here we receive hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid from Europe and America, sort it and send it to where people need it most. We have been cooperating with the "Dobra Sprava" charity fund since the beginning of the war. There are such moments: we don't have something - we turn to them, they have something - we are happy to help. We need to help each other," says Roman Kurbatsky.

When military operations were conducted in the Kyiv region, food packages were delivered there to those people who did not want to leave there. A large team of boy volunteers did it. These are fearless people with a strong will. When Kyiv Oblast was liberated, they started going to the Donetsk, Luhansk, Dnipropetrovsk and Kherson directions.

They also help with military vehicles. They have already driven 4. The first one, which was sent jointly with the "Dobra Sprava" charity fund, blew up on a mine. The second is beaten, but still drives. Cars go in the Kherson direction. The direction where our military is successfully moving forward. These cars are mainly used to evacuate the wounded and deliver food to the boys on the front lines.

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