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How small Ukrainians raise funds for the Armed Forces

Unfortunately, the war touched every little Ukrainian man and woman. Many of them not only believe in victory, but also bring it closer by raising funds for the Armed Forces.

Brothers Artem and Yehor Fesyn from Lutsk came with their mother to the office of the "Dobra Sprava" Charitable Foundation to hand over money to the Armed Forces. Artem is in the 5th grade, and Yehor is a first grader. Both study at Lutsk Lyceum #10.

"We went to my grandmother's in the village in the summer and saw how my friend and other children had set up a mini roadblock there and decided to do it at home with my brother. They sold pears and raspberries. Sometimes people gave money just like that. We collected 5,201 hryvnias, - says the eldest of the brothers Artem, - next summer we plan to collect money as well, because now there are lessons and there is nothing to sell. We really want our Army and Ukraine to win."

"I was worried about them, because money is always a responsibility. They took the initiative, and I understood that I had to control them. At first, they wanted to raise money for a drone for the army. We looked on the Internet - the cheapest one costs 2,000 hryvnias, but the military needs good, expensive drones, so we refused to buy it. Although, they collected some part for a good drone, - shares the boys' mother, Olga Fesyna, - I was worried about people's reaction, because the children blocked our street, checked documents, asked for a code word. But, people took it adequately. They were treated to fruits, cookies, candies. I'm glad they did it."

The founder of the "Dobra Spava" Charitable Foundation Andrii Linnyk thanked the brothers for the initiative and presented branded baseball caps, sweets and gifts.

"I am sincerely grateful to my parents for raising my children well. They will grow up to be good people, true citizens of their country and patriots. The future of Ukraine is behind them, - thanked Andrii Linnyk, - God, let these children never see war again and may they have a happy future."

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