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In Lutsk, the "Dobra Sprava" charitable foundation donated equipment for the military

The Lutsk charitable foundation "Dobra Sprava", which regularly helps Ukrainian soldiers, donated a car and an excavator for a military battalion. The event took place with the assistance of the Head of the Volyn Regional Military Administration, Yury Pogulyaiko, and the Head of the Volyn Regional Council, Hryhoriy Nedopad.

As part of the event, the management learned more about the work of the foundation and planned further cooperation.

"Thank you "Dobra Sprava" for doing a good deed! Thanks to you, we will speed up our victory very quickly!" - emphasized Yuriy Pogulyajko.

The head of the Volyn OTCC and SP, Colonel Oleg Mykolayovych Kyvlyuk thanked the Foundation for helping the military, in particular, for today's transfer of a car and an excavator for military engineering tasks.

"Thank you for doing a really great job. For helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine to preserve the integrity and sovereignty of the country," he emphasized.

In addition to the transfer of equipment, the volunteers of the foundation were currently preparing for a charity event on the occasion of Family Day - distribution of gift sets to the families of fallen servicemen.

The Chairman of the Volyn Regional Council congratulated all those present on the holiday: "Today is Family Day! May peace and harmony reign in your families! But keep doing good deeds! Everything will be Ukraine!"

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