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Super-finalist "Chornomorsk games" Anna Tkach will represent Volyn in a charity vocal project

Anna Tkach - winner of all-Ukrainian contests and festivals, finalist of the National Project "Bright Children of Ukraine", winner in the "Solo singing" nomination in the "girls 6-10 years" category at the Chornomorsk games -2019, received the 3rd prize in the "Folk Vocal" nomination in categories "6-16 years" at the Chornomorsk games-2021.

The young artist has been singing professionally since she was 6 years old. Now Anna is 12, since the beginning of the war, the girl has been actively participating in charity events in Ukraine.

Vocalist Anna Tkach will take part in an international charity vocal project from the organizers of the Chornomorsk games festival with the support of the "Dobra Sprava" charitable foundation.

"I am happy that fate gave me the opportunity to take part in a charity project from the Black Sea Games, because it is like a family. I was incredibly sad and waited for a meeting for a whole year. And although the festival will not take place this year, the organizers found an opportunity to give children a holiday and raise their morale! I am proud of my country, because even in such a difficult time there are people who help children realize their dreams. And we, although we grew up quickly because of the War, and are still children, will enjoy life and fight on our creative front, because we are Strong, Free and Unbreakable," Anna shares.

Currently, the organizers do not report details of the project. In the coming days, the girl is going to shoot, so we support and wish her success!

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