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The children collected €3,100 for a car for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

As previously reported, the "Dobra Sprava" charitable foundation in partnership with the "Herts Recreational and Patriotic Camping" charitable project organized a free 10-day vacation by the sea in Bulgaria for 44 children.

Children who were in rehabilitation and pupils of the HERTS Cossack martial art sports club, while in Bulgaria, performed for to collect funds for a car for the military. The children managed to collect €3100! Also, caring people and organizations joined the fundraising.

The "Dobra Sprava" Foundation joined the organization of car repair and refueling.

After that, the children painted a car for the soldiers - now the car is fully ready to go to the front line and expel the enemies from our country!

With such incredible support from the children, we are sure to win! And we, adults, should take an example from them.

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