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The event "War.Volunteer.Victory" took place in Khmelnytskyi

On December 5, a meeting of "War.Volunteer.Victory" volunteers took place in Khmelnytskyi.

The charity foundation "Dobra Sprava" was presented by the director of the foundation Yuriy Sliva. He gave a speech on the topic: "Establishing dialogue between local self-government bodies and the volunteer environment."

Why are authorities interested in volunteer organizations?

1. Everything starts with a relationship. There must be a clear procedure, honesty, transparency and trust!

2. Volunteers are very mobile and operative, and with exemplary logistics.

3. Volunteer initiatives are distinguished by a wide variety of ways and methods of collecting and attracting funds, and in general, directions of assistance.

Why volunteer organizations should cooperate with local self-government bodies:

1. Support, lobbying interests.

2. Distribution coordination and prioritization (Work in the region with IDPs or support of war zones).

3. Joint work on strategic planning for future periods.

The event was held on the initiative of the head of the Khmelnytskyi Regional Council Violeta Labaziuk.

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