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The history of volunteers Yury and Dmytro Smityukh

"The first thing we did was to collect sand in bags and take it to the checkpoints. 800 tons of sand were then used to strengthen the block posts."

Brothers Yuriy and Dmytro Smityukha volunteer not from the first days of a full-scale war, but from the first hours. It is said that "at first there was panic, emotions, and then there was excitement and hope that we are about to win and everything will be over. This is the 21st century! What a full-scale war can be!"

After the sand - the shelter was equipped. Knowing the needs of the army since 2014, already on February 28, they drove the first car for the military. Then - more and more... We joined the "Good Cause" Charitable Foundation. Various humanitarian aid was imported from abroad, in particular, from America. There, in the state of New York, live the Silchuk brothers, who help a lot: both financially and with various help. For example, they provided a lot of medicines, for which Yuri personally flew and will soon fly again to America.

They brought about 4,000 turnstiles, which were critically lacking in Ukraine at that time. Of them, 600 were handed over to the Kyiv military unit. Some of the medicines were taken to the Volodymyr hospital, and some were handed over to the Union of ATO Veterans. Products were delivered to Bucha and other affected Ukrainian towns and villages. In general, friends, acquaintances, classmates, relatives approached with their needs and Smityukh's tried to help everyone.

The brothers say that in the first month of the war, they were hardly at home and did not see their families. They did everything for Victory, everything - for Ukraine.

"If most of us did not volunteer, we would all have to speak Russian, not Ukrainian. There would be a "Russian measure" here. Thanks to the volunteers, to a greater extent, we are Ukraine and Ukrainians, - the brothers are sure, - We had the opportunity to live peacefully in other countries, but we stayed here, because the Motherland is in trouble."

They do not think of stopping until Victory, although now it has become more difficult to fulfill needs. It is more difficult to find funds. However, transportation began, so almost every "earned penny" is given to the army and military.

"I would like the state and our officials to properly evaluate the work of volunteers. We do not know those among us who abuse. Our friends and we do everything useless. It's nice that they say thank you, that the bulletproof vests that we give save the lives of more than one fighter," Dmytro shares.

"Ukraine will be a powerful and prosperous state," continues Yuriy, "with a powerful army, which NATO will still be asking for (smiles). With such support in the world, we will develop quickly and live much better than some European countries."

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