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The story of Leonid Sholotyuk, a volunteer of the Foundation

"I came to Ukraine for the first time since the beginning of the full-scale war when Bucha and Irpin were released. We went there, brought aid to civilians and military. I saw with my own eyes the atrocities and devastation that the Russians did there. Dead bodies of murdered people lay on the streets. It was a shock! And then I realized: who but us? We must help until we defeat this Russian onslaught."

Leonid Sholotyuk, a native of the village of Lypno, Kivertsy district, moved to the United States with his parents at the age of 21 and has been living there for 26 years. Now, in an extremely difficult time for Ukraine, the former Volyn citizen, an American citizen, has become a volunteer and actively helps the Ukrainian military and people suffering from the war.

"I have known Andrii Linnyk, the founder of the Good Cause Charity Fund, for a long time. They talked. He told what is needed first for our military. And so they began to work together with the fund from the very beginning of the war. Ukrainians in America are very united and the Americans are helping. Although now the fire has slept a little, but there are still opportunities. I mainly bring medicines and first-aid kits for the military.

Last time I went to the Donetsk region, in the direction of Sloviansk. The military greatly appreciates volunteer help. They said so: if you leave us, do not help, then there will be trouble. We cannot betray them. As long as there is an opportunity - we will help. Ukraine must win and become a European state."

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