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The story of volunteer Viktor Navrotskyi

"You know, war shows people so much! Everything absolutely manifests: who can do what, what he is capable of, who has what views, attitudes towards the military and each other," shares Victor Navrotsky from Lutsk.

The man has been volunteering since the first days of the full-scale war, contacts and works with many people, so he made the following conclusions. It helps only to the address. For example, from the first day until now, he has been helping the military on the Belarusian border.

"The boys stood naked, barefoot. I helped and help them as much as I can. The weather was so bad then. The boys got sick. "Dobra Sprava" provided medicine, then I immediately brought it to soldiers. Now the soldiers are provided for, but still, from time to time they need something," the volunteer says.

Viktor Navrotsky believes that a citizen of Ukraine is obliged to help the military in this difficult time for the country. In addition, it works closely with the border community of Pulmivska. In the same way, the local medical center provided medicines from "Dobra Sprava".

"There was absolutely nothing there. Brought medicine so that first aid could be provided. Some say that it is necessary to drive to the front, not here. I would like to advise such people to go to the Military Commissariat and apply there for service in those forests and swamps. I saw what it was like for them there with my own eyes. But, for the most part, those who do not help anyone at all speak," the volunteer is confident.

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