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The strongest man in the world, fiery bandurists and fundraising: TATO Fest took place in Lutsk

On the occasion of International Father's Day, a charitable festival for the whole family "TATO Fest" was held in Lutsk, which brought together several thousand Lutsk residents and guests of the city.

The event started on June 19 at 15:00 in the Central Park of Culture and Recreation named after Lesya Ukrainka, where various locations for children and a charity fair worked throughout the day.

The festival program includes: soap bubble shows, master classes, sports competitions, art therapy, Lego robots, VR glasses from and much more. At the charity fair, holiday guests could purchase various patriotic souvenirs: shopping bags, T-shirts, cups, magnets, statuettes and handmade hoops, etc. The organizers also prepared a large assortment of goodies for those present.

Funds collected from the charity fair will be used for the rehabilitation of children of military personnel who died during the war.

"We will use the money to send these children to Bulgaria for rehabilitation. We set the goal of gathering 45 children in one group," said Yurii Slyva, director of the "DOBRA SPRAVA" Charitable Foundation.

Thanks to caring people, 325,688 UAH was collected.

The Chairman of the Volyn Regional Council, Gryhoriy Nedopad, emphasized the importance of such a charitable cause:

"Such good events are necessary in our time. They give good and bright impressions to children, which is extremely important in today's difficult conditions. And they also unite people around a good cause - helping children who, unfortunately, dad will never see again."

For adults and children, various photo zones functioned at the festival. Employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations also joined the celebration, demonstrating the operation of rescue equipment and familiarizing everyone with the peculiarities of the work.

The small participants of the event were given 500 gifts, which were collected by children from America to encourage small and brave Ukrainians.

The special guest of TATO Fest was strongman Oleksiy Novikov - a Ukrainian strongman, the strongest man in the world 2020, the owner of four titles of the Strongest Man of Ukraine. He recently won another victory: on March 3, 2022, at a competition in Leeds (Great Britain), he won the title of the strongest man in Europe.

Oleksiy prepared amazing tricks for those present and encouraged dads to strength competitions. To his pleasant surprise, the men from Lutsk demonstrated incredible strength and endurance. Yes, one of the participants held the bulletproof vest weighing 9.8 kg for about two minutes.

The culmination of the celebration was the evening festive concert, the headliner of which was the exclusive bandurist group "SHPYLYASTI KOBZARI". The musicians ignited the audience with their non-standard performance of Ukrainian folk songs.

One of the bandurists is currently serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and he came to Lutsk with the team specifically for TATO Fest. The team of organizers of the event thanked him for his courage and presented him with a bulletproof vest.

Also, another bulletproof vest was raffled off between the participants of strength competitions. The winner plans to hand it over to the front line military personnel.

The sports club of Cossack martial arts "Herts" performed on the TATO Fest stage.

Lutsk musical performers and collectives "Golosni", "Yarova", "MusicBridge" and others.

Anna Kindzerska, a participant in the "Voice of the Country 12" show, which is currently suspended due to the war, was a special participant of the TATO Fest holiday concert.

The concert program was hosted by the incredible radio presenters Serhiy Tkachuk and Maria Taran, and the highlight of the festival was the vinyl party by VINYL RADIO.

The organizer of the event is the "DOBRA SPRAVA" Charitable Foundation with the assistance of the Lutsk City Council and the Volyn Regional Council.

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