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Tsybulska, Tarabarova, Motrya and Karpo Kaidashi joined the Lutsk charity gala concert

On November 11, a charity event "Step to Victory" was held in Lutsk with the participation of famous singers of Ukraine and talented youth of Volyn.

The event had several goals: raising funds for an anti-drone gun for the Armed Forces and popularizing the Ukrainian language and children's creativity.

The event was held with the participation of the finalists of the regional author's poetry competition "Ukrainian - the language of heroes" and the winners of the all-Ukrainian children's song competition "Step to victory 2.0. Unbreakable."


For the Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language on November 11, a regional competition of author's poetry "Ukrainian - the language of heroes" was held. This is an initiative of the "Dobra Sprava" charitable foundation and the Volyn Regional Youth Center. The competition was held with the support of People's Deputy of Ukraine Iryna Konstankevych.


"STEP TO VICTORY" is already the third charity event that united creative children, youth and star artists for a common goal - raising funds for the needs of the Ukrainian army, namely for an anti-drone gun for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As part of the gala concert, the winners of two competitions were awarded.

Awards were presented to children and youth by representatives of the authorities of Volyn: Deputy Chairman of the Volyn Regional Council Hryhoriy Pustovit, Head of the Youth and Sports Department of the Volyn Regional State Administration Oleksandr Khvishchuk.

Special guests were special guests - stars: Svitlana Tarabarova, Olya Tsibulska, Taras Tsymbalyuk and Antonina Khizhnyak!

The program was full of performances by children and young people. Some read their author's poems, which touched the heart, others performed songs that could no longer be called children's. 

"Our children have become such adults because of the events taking place in our country, so it is important for us to support children, give them opportunities for realization and creativity! After all, they are our future!

We hold such events in order to raise funds for our defenders, and so that our children have the opportunity to spend their free time usefully and to inspire our people to continue to show their heroism, their bravery and not lose heart...

Today, soldiers fight for our land, culture and language, as the main identifier of culture. And the task of youth and children, as the next generations, is to explore, study, practice in their own lives and carry our culture further. And we are worthy to become a part of the great world culture!" - emphasized Yurii Slyva, the director of the "Dobra Sprava" charitable foundation.

In addition, there was a charity fair and creative workshops.

There were also special guests - the children of the Heavenly Legion, for whom a whole entertainment program was held. Various master classes, entertainment, goodies and gifts. Kateryna Barysheva from the Lutsk City Youth Center made decorative candles with the children, Lyudmila Melnyk painted their emotions with the children, Oksana Koba from the youth library painted eco-bags with the children, the Shag computer academy showed the children the possibilities of robots and 3D reality glasses, the combat sports club of art, Hertz held Cossack parties with the children. They were also given gifts.

Organizers of the event: "Dobra Sprava" Charitable Foundation, "Artistic Front" GO, Volyn Regional Youth Center

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