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Ukrainian strongman Oleksii Novikov won the Strongman Classic for the second time in a row

Ukrainian strongman, the strongest man of the world 2020, the owner of four titles The strongest man of Ukraine, the strongest man of Europe 2022 — Oleksiy Novikov confirmed his titles again and won the Strongman Classic for the second time in a row!

He took First Place in the Giants Live Strongman Classic 2022 held on July 9 at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England.

The champion scored 54 overall - 12 more than Canada's Mitchell Hooper, who won silver. The bronze went to the American, Evan Singleton.

"The best congratulations for me is a donut for the boys," the strongman wrote on Instagram and left details.

After all, Oleksiy actively helps the Armed Forces of Ukraine and volunteers at the "Good Cause" charity fund, which regularly provides various assistance to military personnel and war victims. Oleksiy gives part of the prize money to the Ukrainian army.

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