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Volunteers were honored in Lutsk

"I fought in 2014, I left now. He could not find a place for himself in the first days when the full-scale war began. Since the age of 14, I have been sure that without volunteers, without your work and help, our army would not be so strong and it would be much more difficult to fight. This work and these people should be appreciated", - says the head of the All-Ukrainian Association of Disabled People ATO in Lutsk, Borys Seredyuk.

Volunteers were honored in Lutsk. Those who work for the victory over the Russian aggressor were awarded medals "For support". The awards were presented by the regional representative of the NGO "All-Ukrainian Association of Disabled ATO" Iryna Kutsyk.

Volunteer of the "DOBRA SPRAVA" Charitable Foundation Ivan Tyschuk, volunteer Maria Torchyniuk were among those honored, and gifts were given to a little boy Saveliy, who donated 4,000 UAH of his savings for the needs of the Armed Forces.

"Today, the whole country, from young to old, is helping our army. This help is very much needed. Without her, there would be many times more dead. Volunteers, in fact, perform the function of the state. Infinite gratitude to you for your work, for supporting the army, for supporting the injured people,"- thanked Iryna Kutsyk.

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