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War through the eyes of a soldier

"The war changed me. Life values, views on life have changed. I began to appreciate my health and the health of my loved ones. I see death, because war means sacrifices. It is never easy, no matter what it is. This is fear, death, hunger and someone's suffering. Look what they did in Bucha! How can you cut and kill a small child?! These are non-humans, - says military officer Bohdan Sitovsky, - we fight them back. We were forced to leave a comfortable life to protect women, children and those in the rear. That they live peacefully."

It was not the first time Bohdan Sitovsky left a comfortable life. In 2014, he was mobilized in the 51st brigade, later assigned to the 24th. He fought in the Luhansk region. Because of the injury, they were commissioned. He recovered, developed, worked, engaged in business and sports. In a word: he lived.

When the full-scale invasion of Russia began, the next day he joined the local security forces, got a weapon and went to the Belarusian border. He stayed there for two months. They dug in and strengthened their positions.

"There was no attack from Belarus. Active hostilities were taking place in Luhansk region, Kyiv region, Kharkiv region, Donetsk region, Kherson region... therefore, my brothers and I applied to the Da Vinci Wolves unit. At the beginning of September, they took Balaklia, Izyum, Kup'yansk, Shevchenkove. Kupyansk is completely destroyed. People in those cities were under occupation for 8 months. They were happy for us, because only pro-Ukrainian people remained there. Collaborators and Russian sympathizers fled. After liberating those cities and seeing what is being done there, many things do not fit in the head. For example, mass burials in Izyum. From the old to the small," Bohdan shares his impressions.

The soldier says that he first fought in a mortar battery, and then retrained for emergency medicine: evacuation of 200 and 300 (killed and wounded).

"I worked at the company "LinkTrans" with heavy equipment: manipulators, dump trucks. I have good driving skills, I own any equipment. Therefore, the command made a decision to transfer me to this area of work. I know and know how to handle trophy equipment: how to turn on the mass, how to start it. By the way, we won 38 Russian tanks," says Bohdan Sitovsky.

The man is sure that without volunteer support in the war - no way. When he posted a photo from the front on social networks and wrote about the needs, the "Dobra Sprava" Charitable Foundation immediately responded and sent cars with the necessary items to the front line. This assistance was not one-time, and turned into close cooperation. Although the army is now provided and the salaries of the military are good, the state cannot cope with the consequences of an intense war. A Lutsk businessman gave Bohdan Sitovsky a car that was damaged at the front. He gave personal 40 thousand hryvnias for repairs. Many such needs are covered by volunteers.

"A volunteer is the same warrior as a soldier at the front. Because the soldier performs his task, and the volunteers help him to perform the same task. And together - we are a force! Without volunteers, I don't know what the morale of the soldiers would be. It wouldn't be very..." - a confident military man.

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