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Youth for the future of Ukraine!

In partnership with the Center for the Provision of Administrative Services in the city of Lutsk, the campaign "Youth for the Future of Ukraine!" was held today. - 14-year-old teenagers were issued their first passport of a citizen of Ukraine, as well as a foreign passport.

Our Foundation gave children gifts: hygiene kits and goodies, as well as gift certificates to establishments of the GRAND PERSONA network.

Serhiy Kachan, director of the Ukrainian branch of one of the largest charitable organizations in the world, "Samaritan's Bag", also took part in the event.

"Many people in the world would like to have a passport like ours in Ukraine. Proud to be Ukrainian!" - said Serhiy Kachan.

He emphasized that a successful state can be built only on such principles as responsibility, hard work, honesty, etc.

Director of the "Good Deed" Foundation, Yurii Sliva, recalled the biblical story of David and Goliath: "David was a young man when he defeated Goliath. Today, you are our Ukrainian Davids, and the future of Ukraine is in your hands!"

He also stressed that they should not shy away from Ukrainian, but should learn global trends and implement them in their native state.

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